"Retribution"  amidst the morning rush , Matt recives a chilling call from an unknown number, reveling a bomb planted in his car . The caller , shrouded in mystery , issues life - threating commands , coercing matt into a perilious journey dicteted by the sinister agenda. initially skeptical , Matt soon comprehends the gravity of the solution.

Genre - Action/Crime

Release - 25 August 2023

Director - Nimrod Antal

Box office - 1.8 Crore USD

Budget - 2 Crore USD

Language - Spanish , English

Runtime - 1h 31mint




Lian Neesan

Jack Champion

Lilly Aspell

Arian Moayed 

Matthew Moddi


Forced to navigate the city under the caller's ominous threat ,  Matt grapples with the relization that his past actions at the bank have made his target . The caller holds him accountable for the ruinous consequences suffered by many , demanding retribution Matt , desperate to save his children , is ensnared in a web escalating danger and impossible tasks .

In a heart wrenching plea , Matt atempts to appeal to the callers's humanity emphasizing to love for his family and the lenghts he would go to protect them . Despite the emotinal plea , the caller remains unyeilding , setting the stage for a final confrontation.
As matt follows the caller instruction's to an abandoned warehouse , a tense confrontation ensues . The unveils their identity and motives , reveling a vendetta against Matt for perceived sins . A physical struggle ensues , resulting him matt disappering the caller and extracting crucial information and how to deactivate the imminent threat.

Racing against the triking cloak ,Matt rushes back to his car , succesfully disarming the bomb and ensuring the safety of his children . Reunited with his family ,Matt emerges from the odial with a new found understanding of the importance of family bonds.

The film concluds with Matt and his family driving away from the warehouse , determined to rebuild their fratured relationship .Matt heaving learned a profound lesson about priorities , embarks on a journey to make amends and safegaurds the connections that matters most in his life.

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