"The Marvel"  is poised to be a highly anticipated addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Uniting three of its beloved super female superheroes in a visually captivating cinematic experience . Directed by Dia Nacosta , known for her work of the horror film "candyman" the film promises remarkble crossover event.

Genre - Comedy/Action/Sci-fi

Director - Nia Dacosta

Producer - Kevin Feige

Release - 10 November (2023)

Runtime - 1h 45mint


Park Seo-Joon

Iman vellani

Lashana Lynch

Jude Law 

Samuel L Jackson

Mohan kapoor


The story unfolds as Carol Danvers , also known as Captain Marvel , is called to investigate a peculier wormhole that has materilized in the depths of space. To her astonishment , Her formadible powers have become intertwind with those of kamala Khan , Ms Marvels , and , monica Rambeu , who goes by the alais photon.

The trio soon unreveils the unsetting truth that the enigmatic wormhole is linked to the dire menace looming over the universe - a knee revolutionary by the name of Dar- Benn . Dar Benn harbors intentions to harness the might of the quantum bends , one half which is in Khan's possesions , with the catastropic goal of obilterating the entire universe.

In the face of this extensial threat, Danvers Khan , and Rambeu must put their diffrences aisde and join forces to threawt Dar-Denns nefarius scheme . Along the way , they must forge bonds of trust and teamwork , each drawing on their unique powers to strenth and protect the cosmos.

"The Marvels" act the extraordinary tale that revolves around the themes of power , frienship and the indomitabel spirit of collaboration .It's a film that will undoubtly captivate the hearts of marvel cinematic universe enthusiats and all fans superhero cinema.

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