"Wingwoman" In year 2023 Alex a young woman in her early 20's . had recently move to twon , her shy and introverted method made it difficult to meet new people . especially when it come to building connection with guy , Luckly felt intervent and she met sarah , an outgoing and confident new frirends who offered to be a wingwoman.

Genre - Action/Thriller/ Drama

Release - 1 November 2023

Director - Melenie laurent

Language - french

Producer - Marc Vade

Distributed by - Netflix 

Runtime - 1h 39mint




Melaine laurent

Manon Bresch

Isabelle Adjani

Philliphe Caterine

Felix Moati


The First Night Out

Their first time outlook them to a local bar , Alex's initial nervousnes met with sarah's charismatic presence help her relax and enjoyed her evening . While she did meet a few guys there werenot any inidiate sparks .

The Second Night out

On their second night out sarah choose a diffrent bar Hoping to improve chance to meeting alex someone new . That when alex encounterd ben , a guy who instantly sparked her interest . Their conversion flows effortlessly . , punchuated by laughter and shared interest , making for a enjoyable night . As the evening due to a close , ben took's the bold step for asking for Alex's number.

The first Date

Just a few days later ,Alex and Ben embarked on their first date . it was a resounding succes further depening the connection they had initiated . As they continued going on more dates , their relationship began with blossom , and alex found herself developing strong feeling for Ben.

The Wingwoman Wins 

With each Date Alex and Ben connection grew stronger , and they eventually decided to date exclusivly Alex counot help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards her dear friends Sarah, Who had played a pivotal role as her wingwoman , She knew that she wo'nt have met Ben without sarah 's unwavering support.


As time passed , Alex and Ben's relationships flourished and they found themselves deeply in love . Alex cherished the enduring friedship with Sarah, her wingwoman , who had not only break out her shell but also played  a instrumental part in uniting with her the love with her life . Grateful and content , Alex looked forward to a future filled with love , Friendship and a new Adventure with Ben by her side .

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