"2 Fail" (2023) is a remarkable biographical play that tells the captivating true tale of Manoj Kumar Sharma, an IPS officer who overcame enormous obstacles to achieve his dreams.
The Story:

Genre - Drama/ Thriller

Release - 27 October 2023

Director - Vidhu vinod chopra

Budget - 20 crore INR

Box office - 65.98 crore INR

Runtime  - 2h 26mint





Vikraant Massey

Medha Shankar

Sanjay Bishnoi

Anant v Joshi

Sukumar tudu

Priyanshu Chatarjee


The story begins with Manoj dealing with the disappointment of failing his 12th-grade examinations, a tremendous challenge in a society that sets a high value on academic achievement.

Manoj, undeterred, refuses to let this failure define him. He works menial jobs to support his family while harbouring an unwavering desire to join the Indian Police Service (IPS).
Manoj finds steadfast support from his love, Shraddha, and a loving mentor who recognises his promise while facing scorn and discouragement. Despite financial difficulties and social stigma, he commits himself to rigorous studies.

Manoj's long journey is extensively chronicled in the film, which depicts his struggles with self-doubt, loneliness, and societal pressure. His encounters with academic difficulties, complex relationships, and the harsh reality of poverty and cultural expectations are all shown.

Nonetheless, Manoj's unbreakable spirit and unshakable dedication to his aim shine through. His love for Shraddha becomes a source of strength for him as he strives to make a difference.
"2 Fail" goes beyond the typical rags-to-riches story, exploring themes of tenacity, hope, and the power of defying expectations. It commemorates the human spirit's ability to overcome apparently insurmountable challenges and achieve greatness.

The film also acts as a moving commentary on India's social reality, focusing light on the difficulties experienced by people from disadvantaged origins. It emphasises the importance of education and opportunity in breaking down societal boundaries.
Critical Applause:

"2 Fail" has received significant critical acclaim for its wonderful story, captivating performers, and inspirational message. The film has received praise for its realistic depiction of adversity, giving moviegoers with a true and sympathetic depiction of the human experience. The film's ability to convey a message and its compelling performances

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