"800" 2023 compelling Tamil-Language biological sports film that delves into the extraordinary life and career of Muttiah Muralitharan , the iconic sri lankan cricketer who holds the distinction of being the highest wicket taker in the history of test cricket the film granted crictical acclaim and acheived commercial succes.

Genre - Historic/Action

Release - 6 October 2023

Director - M.S Sripathy

Producer - Vivek Rangachari

Runtime - 2h 38mint




Madhur Mittal

Mahima Nambier

Yog japee




The narrative unfolds as a captivating chronicle of muralitharana ascent from humble begginings in a small Sri lankan village to his triumphant emergence as a cricketing legend. The film artfully explores his early struggles with poverty ,  discrimination and the controvartials accusations of chucking , all set against the backdrop of muralitharana unwavring deternination to carve out a succeful career . 
Muralitharan journey encapsulates the essence of resilence , self-beleif and the pursuit of dreams against formidable odds , "800" paints an inspiring portrait of an underdog who navigated through adversities to becomes one of cricket greatest player.

Early life - Muralitharan is born into a modest tamil family in Sri Lanka.
School Days - Enduring bullying in a school due to his tamil background and his love for cricket .
Cricketing talent  - Muralitharan discovers the innate talent for bowling , prompting a serious pursuit of the sport.

International debut - Muralitharan makes his international debut for Sri Lanka 1992.
Retirement - Muralitharan retires from cricket in 2011 as the highest wicket taker in the test cricket history.
Directed by M.S tripathy and featuring madhuri mittal as muralitharan , the film also boasts performance from mahima nambiar , J.D chakravarthy and vijay sethupathi in supporting roles.

"800" is a cinematic masterpiec that transcends the boundries of sports , making it a compelling watch for botyh cricket enthusiats and those captivated by tales of triumph over adversities . The film pays homage of Muralitharan exceptional talent , indomitable spirit and the profound impact of unwavring dreams, through its narrative "800" stands as a testament to the enduring power of determination and the pursuit of exellence.

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