"Bhagvanth Kesari"  embodies fearlessness and compassion in a quint Andhra Pradesh village. his commitment to justice and eagerness to assit those in need make him a reverd figure among the villagers.

Genre - Action/Historic

Release - 19 October 2023

Director - Anil Ravipudi

Box office - 114-130 crore

Producer - Sahu Garpati

Runtime - 2h 10mint





Nandamuri Balakrishna


Kajal Aggrawal

Arjun Rampal



Bhagvanth life takes a unexpected turn when he crosses path with the influential bussinessman Adhinarayana Reddy (Prasad Raj) Adhinarayana , Known for his ruthlessness and corruption , exploits for villages for personal gain . Bhagvanth unvelling to tolerant Adhinarayan injustice , becomes a target of the powerful bussinessman's worth.

Adhinarayana in a bid to silence Bhagvanth discovers love in Ganga a sprited young woman who shares his passion for justice . Ganga becomes Bhagvanth's staunchest supporter , aiding him in his battle against adhinarayna.
Bhagvanth's coast is a rollercoster of action, suspence and romance of he faces numerous challenges and confronts formidable adversiries . His unvawring determination and belief in justice drive him to trumph over all.

In the climax . Bhagvanth exposes Adhinarayana heinous crimes , restoring order to his village . The villagers hail him as a hero , and bhagvanth , alongside Ganga , enjoys a blissful and contented life, Their love story , interwined with the pursuit of justice .

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