"Chicken Run:Down on the Nugget"   "Another Feathered Adventure"

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, the much anticipated sequel to the 2000 animated blockbuster, takes audiences on an exciting trip that picks up the story a few years later. This film, which will be released in December 2023, reintroduces favourite characters Ginger and Rocky, who have successfully constructed a calm island sanctuary where chickens can live without continual human meddling.

Release - 8 December 2023

Director - Sam Well

Distributed by - Netflix

Runtime - 1h 41mint

Genre - Comedy/Adventure




Zachari Levi

Imelda Staudon

Jane Horrocks

Daniel Hays

David Bradly

Timothy Spall

Her naïve curiosity leads her right into Mrs. Tweedy's hands, who has constructed a new, highly superior chicken farm called "Nuggettopia."
Mrs. Tweedy's Nuggettopia advertises cutting-edge chicken farming technologies, guaranteeing not just happier chicks but also tastier nuggets, presenting an apparently utopian picture that conceals a grim truth.
With Molly kidnapped, Ginger, Rocky, and their gang embark on a daring rescue expedition to free her and the other captive hens from Nuggettopia's clutches. The voyage is full with hardships and hazards that put the characters' willpower to the test.
New Allies and Escapes: The brave hens meet surprising allies along the road, including a bunch of free-range escapees from another farm.
The story progresses with a combination of action, adventure, and humour, concluding in a joyful triumph as the resilient chicks overcome difficulties, confront their old foe, and save Molly and their fellow feathery friends.
Critical Applause:
Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget has gained considerable appreciation for its fascinating plot, appealing characters, and seamless continuation of the legacy of the original film. The film's popularity is due not just to its engaging plot, but also to its ability to impart a profound message.
Finally, this animated adventure is a must-see for lovers of the original Chicken Run as well as novices, providing a lovely blend of nostalgia, excitement, and a heartfelt study of the enduring relationships that bind this feathery ensemble.
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Synopsis of the plot:

    Ginger and Rocky have constructed an ideal island sanctuary, giving a safe haven for chickens seeking a life free of the dangers provided by humans.

    Curiosity and Kidnapping: The plot takes an unexpected turn when Molly, Ginger and Rocky's curious daughter, is fascinated by the charm of the mainland.

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