"DD Returns": A Hilarious Haunting in Tamil Film
"DD Returns" premiered in July 2023 as a raucous addition to Tamil cinema's comedy horror environment. This Tamil-language film introduces fans to Karna (Santhanam), Maya (Surbhi), and Jeeva (Redin Kingsley), three pals who find themselves accidentally involved in a supernatural adventure after stashing stolen cash in what turns out to be a far from empty haunted bungalow.

Genre - Horror/Comedy/Drama

Release - 28 July 2023

Director - S. Prem Anand

Budget - 30 crore INR

Box office - 41.28 crore INR

Runtime - 2h 5mint






masoom Shankar

Redin Kingsley

Pradeep Ram singh Rawt




The group seeks refuge in an apparently abandoned home on the outskirts of town, fleeing the police with a suitcase of stolen money and diamonds. Unbeknownst to them, the bungalow is inhabited by Maya, a lovely and mischievous spirit who decides to make their stay a game.
Maya devises three challenges for the companions to complete, putting their wit, courage, and loyalty to the test. From solving riddles to confronting their innermost fears and doing bizarre chores, each challenge grows in intensity, testing the companions' sanity.


As the group overcome the obstacles, they learn more about Maya's terrible past and why she is confined to the bungalow. Concurrently, suspicions emerge that another group is following the concealed loot, heightening the danger for the unwary trio.

Conclusion and Climax:

The companions overcome Maya's problems with teamwork, humour, and a dash of luck, learning the value of friendship, bravery, and overcoming anxieties. The conclusion reveals the thief's true identity and connects the incidents to Maya's terrible history.
"DD Returns" keeps a lighthearted, fast-paced comic horror tone, fusing supernatural elements with slapstick humour. The story's surprising twists and turns keep viewers interested.

Additional Information:

The film is a sequel to the Tamil film "Dhilluku Dhuddu 2" and the third in the Dhilluku Dhuddu film series. While "DD Returns" earned positive reviews for its humour and entertainment value, some critics expressed reservations about its predictable plot and reliance on clich├ęs.


"DD Returns" is a comical yet haunting tale in the area of Tamil comedy horror, bringing fans a delicious blend of laughs, thrills, and the unexpected. While reactions to the film differ, its unique take on the genre adds another enjoyable chapter to the Dhilluku series.

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