"Dhak Dhak"  is a 2023 poignant Indian road film released in 2023 , takes vievers on an inspiring journey directed by tarun dudeja and co-written with parijit joshi. Starring fatima sana shaikh the narrative four follows woman as they embark on a transformative road trip from delhi to khardung La, the world highest motorable pass.

Genre - Drama/Adventures

Release - 13 October 2023

Director - Tarun Dudeja

Producer - Tapsee Pannu

Runtime - 2h 20mint




Sanjana Sanghi

Fatima Sana Shaikh

Dia Mirza

Ratna Pathak shah 


The film unfolds with sky , a motorcycle reviewver and influencer , aiming to break free from her uninteneously scandlous social media image . Eager to carve her own identity in male dominated sphere , she encounters mahi , a wodowed grandmother and single mother and Uzma, an underappreciated homemaker . together the three woman decide to embark on a road trip to khardung la seeking personal challenges ans self dilivery.

Their trio extends to a quartet with the inclusion of manjari , a Mathura native scheduled to marry a stranger choosen by her mother . Despite initial reservations Manjari agree to join the journey.
As the four woman sets out , they quickly relize that the road ahead is frought with challenges , including sexism , discrimination and danger . however amodst adversities they find camaraderie support and most importantly a profound understanding of themselves.

Journeying through the himalaya , the woman undergo individual transformations Sky recognizes her identity beyond social media fame, Mahi rediscovers identity for adventures , Uzma embraces her strenght and independence , and Manjari asserts her desire for autonomy.

The culmination of their expedition at ?Khardung la is marked by a profound sense of accomplisment . The woman have confronted with their fears , defied sociatal expectations and emerged not only stronger but most self-assured.

"Dhak Dhak" is a heartwarming and inspiring cinematic experience that celebrates the ressilnece and empowerment of woman, The film is testament to the director skill the actor's compelling performances , and the captiavting cinematography it is a must watch enthusiats of road movies , adventures film and narrative centred on woman empowerment .

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