"Dunki" is forthcoming Bollywood action-thriller directed by Aditya Chopra and produced by Aamir Khan, will be released in December 2024. While the official plot remains a mystery, tantalising hints obtained from the trailer and other sources provide an insight into the scenario.

Genre - Thriller/Travel

Director - Rajkumar Hirani

Release - 21 December 2021

Budget - 120 crore INR

Runtime - 2h 40mint




Shahrukh Khan 

Vicky Kaushal

Satish Shah

Boman Irani

 Taapsee pannu


The story revolves around Dunki, a brave Punjabi man who embarks on the arduous voyage of illegal immigration to Canada. Dunki suffers discrimination as he attempts to make a living in his newfound home, against the odds. His undocumented status, on the other hand, prevents him from returning to India, adding another layer of complication to his situation.

As Dunki struggles with his situation, he meets other Indian immigrants facing similar challenges in the harsh Canadian setting. In an unusual twist,
Due to their shared misfortunes, these individuals decide to join a formidable gang with a bold mission—to rob banks.

The trailer for "Dunki" suggests a dark and gritty atmosphere, promising an exciting action thriller that is more than just entertainment. The film's potential as a social critique appears to be set to shine light on the terrible reality encountered by Indian immigrants in Canada. "Dunki" appears to dive into the complexity of survival, identity, and the lengths to which people will go when faced with insurmountable challenges. Audiences can expect a captivating movie experience that combines exciting action with thought-provoking topics as the anticipation grows.

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