"Extra Ordinary Man"  (2023) is a telugu action drama film featuring Nithin and Sreleela in lead roles , while comprehensive plot details are not readly availbale , i can provide some information based on the resource and hand.

Genre - Action/Drama

Director - Vakkantham vamsi

Release - 8 December 2023

Runtime - 2h 36mint






Sudev Nair


Pavitra Lokesh

Harsha vardhan


The movie revolves around the journey of an ordinary man thrust into extraordinary circumstances . As he confrnonts challenges , he must navigate through powerful forces to accomplish his goals .
Possible Plot points

Hidden Abilities - The portagonist might discover latent abilities or talent within himself.

Chosen for a mission - He could be selected for specific mission or purpose pivotal to the storyline.

Betrayal and Danger - The narrative may involve betrayal and danger from unexpected quarters, adding suspence and intrigue.

Love and support - Amidst challenges the portagonist might find unexpected love and support , posibly from unconventinal source.

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