Falimy, a delightful Malayalam comedy-drama directed by Nithish Sahadev in his debut, takes audiences on a captivating journey with a dysfunctional yet endearing family. The film, released in 2023, stars Basil Joseph, Jagadish, and Manju Pillai in lead roles and unfolds an emotional narrative set against the backdrop of a road trip to Varanasi.

Genre - Action/Thriller

Release - 23 November 2023

Director - Don Palthara

Runtime - 1h 51mint




Vinay fortt

Nilja K Bari

Divya Prabha


Plot Summary:

The story commences with Chandran (Jagadish), an 82-year-old with an unfulfilled dream of visiting Varanasi. Despite numerous attempts to sneak away, his family has always thwarted his plans. The family, marked by dysfunction and self-centeredness, consists of Anoop (Basil Joseph), an unemployed individual struggling to find a life partner, and Abhi (Sandeep Pradeep), a successful yet neglectful businessman. Rema (Manju Pillai), Chandran's wife, strives to hold the family together amid the chaos.

In a bid to prevent Chandran from eloping once again, the family decides to embark on a road trip to Varanasi. The journey, however, is far from smooth, characterized by constant bickering, unexpected challenges, and a broken-down car. As they navigate these obstacles, the family members begin to open up, sharing their personal stories and gaining new perspectives on one another.

Gradually, the journey becomes a transformative experience. The family learns to appreciate the beauty of their relationships, finding common ground and understanding. By the time they reach Varanasi, a profound change has taken place. Chandran fulfills his lifelong dream, and the family returns home with a renewed sense of hope and love.

Critical Acclaim and Reception:

Falimy has garnered widespread praise for its heartwarming narrative and strong performances from the cast. The film successfully weaves together humor and emotion, exploring themes of family dynamics, relationships, and self-discovery. Both a critical and commercial success, Falimy stands as a testament to the universal appeal of its relatable and touching storytelling.

In conclusion, Falimy is a must-watch film that resonates with audiences of all ages, offering a charming blend of laughter, tears, and the enduring power of familial bonds. Nithish Sahadev's directorial debut proves to be a commendable addition to Malayalam cinema, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

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