"Farrey" is a poignant 2023 drama that unfolds the story of Niyati , a bright and orphaned girl , in a narrative that serves as a cautionary tale about the perils of cheating and the profound impact it can have on one's life.

Release - 24 November 2023

Director - Soumendra Padhi

Runtime - 1h 54mint

Genre - Mystery





Prasanna Bisht

Juhi babber

Sahil Mehta

Ronit Roy 

Himanshu Sharma


Niyato portrayed as a kind and intelligent protagonist with aspirations for succes secures admission to an elite school through a scholership . However her journey takes an unexpected turn when she becomes entangled when a cheating raked orchestred by her afluent friends . Akash a wealthy and popular peer , emerges as a mastermind behind the scheme , pressuring Niyati to assist in cheating during exams.

The cheating raked depicted as a sophisticated operation involving high tech gadgets and intricate plans , showcases the length to which Niyati and her friends go to deceive the examination systems . However the facades crumbles as they eventually face the consequences of their actions.
The aftermath of Niyati involvement in the cheating scandal is devastating ,Expelled from school , shunned by her friends and ostracized by the community , Niyati experiences the full weight of the repercussions . The film compellingly portrays the emotinal toll on Niyati as she graplles with the fallout , highlighting the impact on her choices on her academic and her personal life.

"Farrey" serves as a powerful narrative vehicle to underscore the vital massgae about the dangerous of cheating . The movie eemphasizes the far reaching and profound consequences that dishonesty can have on an individual future and reputation . Niyati's journey becomes a caoutionary example, illustrating how scumbbing to the pressures of unethical behavior can lead to severse and irreversible repercussions.

"Farrey" stands out as more than a mere drama ; it serve as a thought provoking explorations of ethics and accountability . Through Niyati journey , the film encourages audiences to reflects on the choices they make and the potetial consequences of compromising their integrity . Ultimately "Farrey" is a compelling narrative that weaves together the complexities of human character , morality and the transformative power of learining from one's mistakes.

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