"Joram"  unfolds a gripping man tale of a tribal man residing in the vardant landscape of the  Jharkhnad . Falshely accused of a crime he did not commit joram is compelled to embark on a perilous journey with his infant doughter , all while being relentlessely pursued by a determined police officer , Ratnakar and a ruthless mining company reking havoc and the forest is displacing indigenious comunities.

Genre - Drama/Action

Release - 8 December 2023

Director - Devashish Makhija

Runtime - 1h 59mint




Manoj Bajpayee 

Smita tambe

Rajshri Deshpande

Mohammad zeeshan ayub

Tannishtha Chatarjee


Navigating the unforgirins terreins of Jharkhand , Joram relize on his inherent skills and cunning to survive along his journey , he confronts the darker facets of the indian states marked by corruption and exploitation of the under privilaged.

Encountering various indivisuals lead support , including the compassinate ratna and a group of tribal rebels joram delves deeper into the injustice suffered by his people , Fueled by a newfound determination , he becomes a champion for their rights.

The film masterfully weaves a narrative of social injustice , envirnmental degredation , and the indomitable human spirit , joram is a cinematic tour de force that resonates with his fans of bollywood and those passinate about social justice , deleveing a powerful and moving exploration of the human condition amidst adversity.

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