"Kadak Singh" in the wake of failed suicide attemp, AK srisvastva , a devoted officer in the department of financial crimes (DFC) in kolkata awakens in a hospital bed plaguad by retrogate amnesia. His memory loss extends to every facet of his life - his past his work and his familian connections.

Genre - Thriller/Comedy

Release - 8 December 2023

Director - Anirudhha roy chaoudhary

Runtime - 2h 10mint




Pankaj Tripathi

Jaya ahsan

Sanjana Sangai

Paresh Pahuja

Varun Budhadeva



Struggling to piece together in fragments of his identity , AK is confonted with conflicting accounts from those closet to him: his doughter Sakshi , girlfriend naina subordinate Arjun and cheif Tyagi : Each perpective paints a distinct picture of AK. unraveling a complex narrative as he concurrently graplles with the investigation of a massive chit-fund scam.

Divergents Perspective

Sakshi portrays AK as an absent and neglectful father, even alleging physical abuse and blaming him for her mother demise.
Naina depicts AK as a caring lover deeply commited to his role as an officer . passionatly engageg in exposing the chit-fund scam.
Arjun charcterises AK as a crucial affects to the DFC. lamenting him amesia as significant setback to the ongoing investigation.

Unraveling the enigma

As  AK delves into these conflicting narrative , he confonts a chellenging journey of self-discovery , untangling a web of deciet , corruption and personal struglles that led to his current state.
In the film climax AK confronts the mastermind behind the chit fund scam, utilizing his fragmented memories as a powerful instrument to unveil the truth . Simultenously he graplles with his own past mistakes , seeking recontlation with his estrased family and loved ones.

Overall " Kadak Singh: stands as a compelling thriller , with standout performances particularly for Pankaj tripathi in the lead role , The film provides a thought provoking examination of memory , identity and the profound consequences of our actions.

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