"Kolai" in the vibrant metropolis of chennai , the glittering facade of the fashion world is shaterred by a sensatinaol murder that rocks the industry to its core . The lifeless body of priya an emerging star in the modelling scene , is discovered in her apartment by her friend and manager . Meera the shocking news reverberates through the city , leaving the entire fashion community in a sate of disbelief and sorrow .

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 21 July 2023

Director - Balaji K Kumar

Distributed by - Sakthi film 

Runtime - 2h 6mint





Meenakshi Chaoudhary 

Vijay Antony

Ritika Singh

Sidhartha Sankar

Murali Sharma



Assigned to crack the case in subhash (Vijay Antony) a seoned and astute detective known for his sharp intellect. Determined to unravel the mystery surrounding Priya's death Subhash embarks on a meticulas investigation to bring justice to the fallen model.

As subash delves into the intricacis of priya's life, a complex tepestry of secrtes , lies and hidden motives begins to emerges . It comes to light that priya had been the recipient anonymous threats and the subjects of damaging gossips . Suspicion falls on a spectrum of character , from priya's envious reval to her over protective boyfriend.

Piece by piece, Subhash connects the dots scrutinizing evidence and interviewing witnesse to untangle the web of intrigue . Each suspect is confronted , their motives probed , and their hidden ties to priya brought to light.
As the investigation intensifies , Subhash stumbles upon a shocking revelation that alters the course of the case, The identity turns the killers out to become someone priya least expected a person she considered a confident and friend.

In a riveting climax , Subhash confont the murdere , exposing their motive and laying bare the dark secrets that led the priya demuture demise, Justice prevails , providing a semblance a closure to the greiving city and allowing it to commence the healing process after the profound tregedy that shook its very foundation.

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