"Los Farad" is not a standalone movie but rather a spanish-language crime drama series available on amazon Prime 2023. The narrative unfolds around oskar. a young entrepreneur with dremas of opening his own rule in the sunny casta din spain. However takes an unexpeted turn when he becomes entwined with the farad family a powerful clan deeply involved in the illegal arms trade.

Genre - Action/Thriller

Release - 12 November 2023

Language - Spanish

Movie Type - Web Series





Susana abaitua

Miguel Harren

Adam Zezireski

Pedro casablenc

Vicky Araico


Oskar tramptation drawn by promise of wealth and a lavish lifestyle , Oskar becomes graduall ensnared in the farad's world initially assined minor takes , he soon finds himself pulled deeper into innicet activity.

Familt ties a farad complex and dysfunctional family , each ahrbour their own motivations and secrets . oskar becomes etangled . in their internal struggles making it dischallenging to discern whom to trust.
 moral dilema as Oskar becomes more immersed in the arms trade , he graplles with a growing internal conflict, Witnesshing firsthend by devastating consequences of his action , he facees the dilemma  of balancing the allure of easy money against his own moral compass.

Fight for survial , As the stakes escalate ,Oskar finds himself navigating incresingly perilous situation . He must rely on his intelligence and combat skills to survive and protect those close to him.
The price of grid Los Farad serves as a coutionary tale about the perils of ambition and the corrupting influence of power, oskar journey underscore the sacrifices one must make when pursuing their dreams particuly their dreams involve association with the wrong people.

The series has garnerd praise for its thrilling plot , suspenseful action sequences and well developed character . However we have also faced critizem for its depiction of voilence and the percieved sterotypical portrayal of the farad family.
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