"Neru": A Deep Look at Justice, Resilience, and Redemption
Sara, a skilled blind sculptor whose life takes a catastrophic turn when she becomes the victim of a brutal assault, is at the centre of the film "Neru." Sara, unable to identify her assailant, is thrown into a perilous quest for justice in a world that needs solid proof. The story takes an unexpected turn when Vijayamohan, a once-famous lawyer struggling with his own troubles, takes up Sara's case, driven by a desire for redemption and a glimpse of hope.

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 21 December 2023

Director - Jeethu Joseph

Runtime - 2h 30mint





Santhi Mayadevi

Anaswara Rajan




The Redemption of Vijayamohan:
Vijayamohan, who has been isolated from the legal world due to previous problems, lives a secluded life until Sara's predicament inspires him to find a new sense of purpose. Motivated by a desire
Vijayamohan challenges Rajasekhar, a formidable lawyer representing the accused—a wealthy businessman with influential connections—in court. The legal battle becomes a David-and-Goliath battle, putting Vijayamohan's legal knowledge and unyielding will to the test.

Beyond the Proof:

"Neru" goes beyond standard courtroom dramas, delving into the intricacies of trauma, the flaws of a legal system focused on physical evidence, and a survivor's emotional journey. Sara's attempt to reconstruct her life and find peace via her art becomes an emotionally charged focal point.

A Spark of Hope:

"Neru" delivers a light of hope despite misfortune as Vijayamohan relentlessly pursues truth and Sara demonstrates unbreakable resolve. The video questions traditional concepts of justice, asking viewers to go beyond concrete evidence and embrace the human spirit's resiliency.
The film "Neru" has received critical acclaim for its fascinating storyline, which is highlighted by Mohanlal's nuanced portrayal of Vijayamohan and the sympathetic representation of a blind character. It is a dramatic and thought-provoking cinematic experience that stays with you long after the screen goes black.

After the Summary:

A simple synopsis, however, falls short of portraying the emotional depth and sophisticated narrative of "Neru." The film works best when seen in its entirety, allowing viewers to identify with Sara's path of perseverance, Vijayamohan's search for redemption, and the deep message of hope that arises from the darkness.

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