Pulikkuhti Pandi " a 2023 Tamil-language film directed and written by M. Muthaiah, is an engaging rural action drama featuring Vikram Prabhu, Lakshmi Menon, and Samuthirakani in prominent roles.

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 15 January 2021

Director - M Muthaih

Runtime - 2h 10mint





Lakshmi Menon

Vikram Prabhu

Vela Ramamoorthy

RK Suresh 

G marimuthu


The narrative revolves around Pandi (Vikram Prabhu), a spirited young man residing in a quaint village. Pandi, known for his quick temper and penchant for brawls, possesses a compassionate side, always ready to aid those in need.

The story takes an intriguing turn when Pandi crosses paths with Pechi (Lakshmi Menon), a charming woman visiting her uncle in the village. A blossoming romance ensues between Pandi and Pechi, facing a looming threat in the form of the malevolent Sannasi Thevar (Samuthirakani).

Sannasi Thevar, a tyrannical landlord, dominates the village with an iron grip and harbors intentions to marry Pechi, employing any means necessary to achieve his goal.

Pandi, recognizing the peril posed by Sannasi Thevar, must summon his strength and courage to shield Pechi from the ruthless antagonist. As the story unfolds, Pandi undergoes personal growth, learning to temper his anger and evolve into a better individual.

The film kicks off with a flashback 25 years prior, where Sannasi Thevar's son, Saravedi Thevar (RK Suresh), commits a heinous act, setting the stage for the subsequent conflict between Pandi and Sannasi Thevar in the present day.

In the climax, Pandi and Sannasi Thevar engage in a gripping showdown, resulting in Pandi's triumph. However, the experience leaves an indelible mark on Pandi, transforming him into a more composed and enlightened individual.

"Pulikkuthi Pandi" is lauded for its well-executed narrative and compelling portrayal of the classic struggle between good and evil. Vikram Prabhu and Lakshmi Menon deliver commendable performances, complemented by the film's visually stunning cinematography that captures the rustic beauty of the Tamil countryside.

Critical reception was mixed, with some praising the film's action sequences and performances, while others criticized its predictable plot. Despite the divergent opinions, "Pulikkuthi Pandi" stands as a well-crafted and entertaining cinematic experience.

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