Shastry Viruddh Shastry" is a gripping Hindi-language drama directed by Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee that was released in 2023. This film is a remake of the Bengali film "Shasthi" (2011), another work by the renowned Roy-Mukherjee combination. The cast of the film includes Paresh Rawal, Shiv Panditt, Mimi Chakraborty, and Neena Kulkarni.
The Plot Unravelled:

Genre - Thriller 

Release - 3 November 2023

Directors - Nandita Roy

Runtime - 2h 20mint




Shiv Pandit

Paresh Rawal

Manoj Joshi

Nina Kulkarni

Amrita Subhash


Yaman Shastry is a seven-year-old boy who lives with his grandparents in the peaceful town of Panchgani. Malhar and Mallika, his parents, who work in Mumbai, pay him weekend visits. A family quandary arises when Malhar is offered a job in the United States. Manohar Shastry, Yaman's grandfather, is insistent about keeping the little boy in India, emphasising the necessity of establishing traditional Shastry family values.

The conflict in the novel is between two strong-willed individuals, Malhar and Manohar, who are both adamant in their beliefs. Their opposing ideas for Yaman's future erupt into a fierce legal dispute, putting generations' relationships to the test.
Yaman's Problem:

Yaman bears the burden of decision in the midst of this familial strife. Caught between his parents' love and his grandparents' comforting embrace, he must make a difficult decision. 
Investigating Key Themes:

    The Importance of Family: The film emphasises the importance of family relationships by presenting the complex dynamics between parents and grandparents. It digs into the emotional complexities of familial connections as well as the impact of decisions on family unity.
    The Battle of Tradition vs. Modernity:

The film's central theme is the battle between traditional ideals and the changing demands of the modern world. Manohar's commitment on conserving legacy contrasts with Malhar's desire for Yaman to have a more globalised future.
    The eternal power of love is beautifully depicted in the film, amidst legal challenges and generational disputes. Yaman's journey becomes a monument to the tenacity of familial love in the face of adversity.

"Generational Ties: Shastry Viruddh Shastry" is a moving and thought-provoking film that will appeal to people of all ages. It urges spectators to ponder on the delicate balance between tradition and progress, as well as the enduring power of love in navigating the complicated fabric of family life, through its subtle study of familial intricacies.

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