"Thank u for coming" is a 2023 Indian Movie Nakul a struggling musician, masquerades as a properous doctor with a flourishing practice, Gauravi an aspiring chef , portrays herself as a renowed culinary artist employee by a michelin staryed resturent . manjinder a reserved office worker , assumes the guises of high-powered corporate executive . Sonia a building artist , fabricates a glamourous relationship with a famous celebrity .Meanwhile Karan an introvert writer, spins a yarn about being a bestselling author.

Genre - Comedy/Drama

Release - 6 October 2023

Director - Karan Boolani

Box office - 9.6 crore INR

Runtime - 1h 57mint




Bhumi Pednekar

Shehnaaz Gill

Shibani Bedi

Kusha Kapila

Sushank Divgikar

Karan Kundra


As the gathering unfolds , their elaborate charades become increesingly challenging to sustain, Nakul medical facade wavers when confronted by genuine medical emergencies. Gauravi culaniry deceptions unravel when challenged to prepare a complex dish. Manjinder corporate pretense crubles under scrutiny of his supposed bussiness acumen . Sonia celebrity romance falls apart when her fictional partner fix to metarilize . Finally Karan authorial fictional collaped when asked to read from his non existent book.

Amidst the escalating chaos , the carefully crafted persons of the friends begin to desingreted , reveling their authentic selves, as their secret unravel , they confront the judgement of their families and the imminent rist of losing their cherished friendships . However within their predicament , they also discover the transformative power of honesty and self-acceptence.

Ultimately they decide to come clean to their families , admitting their lies and baring their true selves . Their honesty is met with surprise and disappointment , yet unexpectedly and understanding and acceptence. Their families commend their courage and vulnerability, recognizing that the lies stemmed from a desire to belong and be respected.

As the gathering concludes , the friends emerges resilent and more tightly bonded than ever . They have grashped the significance of authentically and embrassed their true selves . understanding the genuine connections surpass the value of societal facades celebreting their imperfections and reveling in their uniquences , they find solace and unvawring support within the cucoon of their enduring friendship.

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