"Thanksgiving"  The lovely holiday ambiance of Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the first Thanksgiving feast is said to have taken place, takes a terrible turn in the compelling thriller "Thanksgiving." In the midst of Black Friday sales frenzy, a group of adolescents sneaks into a department store before it opens, inadvertently setting off a tragic chain of events.

Genre - Thriller/Murder

Release - 16 November 2023

Director - Eli Roth

Box office - $45.6 Million

Runtime - 1h 46mint




Addison Rae

Nell Verlaque

Patrick Dempsey

Milo Manheim

Rick Hoffman

Gina Gershon


As the frenzy turns into a riot, killing several people, including the store manager's wife, one boy named Billy goes missing in the thick of the chaos. Billy's buddies, joined by his father, a police officer
start looking for him in a panic. Simultaneously, an unknown killer dressed in a pilgrim's cap begins a heinous spree, employing Thanksgiving-themed tools such as turkey legs and pumpkin carving knives.

With the body count rising, law enforcement is racing against the clock to catch the killer before the next attack. The investigation reveals a terrible mystery behind the town's Thanksgiving traditions, which may be connected to Billy's abduction.

The film's climax pits the remaining survivors against the masked killer, revealing the true identity and intentions related to the town's history and the stories surrounding the first Thanksgiving.

Critics praised "Thanksgiving," praising its suspenseful atmosphere, violent killings, and underlying social critique. However, some commentators criticised the film's ending, calling it predictable and disappointing. Nonetheless, the film is a terrifying examination of the junction of holiday traditions, historical legacies, and the lethal consequences that occur when the past returns to haunt the present.

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