"The Archies" a Hindi-language a musical comedy that captures the essence of youth , love and community Produced by Reema Kagdi and Zoya akhtar under tiger baby films, the films stars mihir ahuja as the chesimatic Archie andrews , with Dot portraying the girl-next-door betty cooper and khusi kapoor embodying the rich and glamourous Veronica Lodge.

Genre - Mystery/Thriller

Release - 7 December 2023

Director - Zoya akhtar

Distributed by - Netflix

Runtime - 2h 10mint




Suhana Khan

Agastya Nanda

Vedang Raina

Khusi kapoor 

Mihir Ahooja

Aditi dot


The narrative unfolds in the vibrant town of Riverdale , characterrised by its tight-knit community and lively atmosphere .Archie andrews , a charming high school student torn between two worlds , finds himself grappling with his affections for his two best friends, Betty and Veronica adding to the complexity Archie harbors a dream or forming a bond , and this dream takes flight when he collabrates with his friends jughead jones a cynical writer , Reggie mantle , a sporty competitor and veronica.

"The Archies" quickly rise to fame in Riverdale , becoming a sensation with their music However the iddelic town faces a threat from a powerful developer intent on demolishing the beloved park to make way for a luxury hotel . In responese The Archies along with their friends and family , unite the protact their town and preserve its unique spirit.

The film explores timeless themes of love friendship and the transformative power of music . As the characters navigate the challenges of adloescene they alos find themeselves confonted with the responsebility of safegaurding their community against external threats.

"The Archies" is not a coming-of-age tale but a heartwarming remainder of the joy of youth and the significances of taking a stand for one's belief with its catchy tunes vibrant visuals and charming storyline , the film appeals to audiences of all ages , making it a delightful addition of the world of cinema.

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