"The Hunger Games : The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes"   In the years preceding his presidency in panem 18 year old colrolonous snow finds himself at the last hope for his diminishing family legacy . The approch of the 10th annual hunger games sparks concern for the young Snow when he discovers that he's been assign to mentle lucy Gray braid (Played by rachel zegler) from poverty striken district 12 . together they merge their talent for showmenship and political accumen , racing against time to unvail the distinction between those who r songbirds and those who are snakes.

Genre - Action/Comedy

Release - 17 November 2023

Director - Francis Lowrence

Budget - NA

Box office - $266.5Million

Runtime - 2h 38mint




Rachel Zegler

Tom btyth

Hunter Schapher

Peter Dinklage

Viola Davis


The film commences with coriolonus , an accomplisted student hailing from the copital , reluctantering taking on the role of mentoring a tribute in the 10th hunger games . Disappointment sets in as Lucy gray a seemingly hopeless girl from district 12 is assigned to him.

Contaray to expectations Lucy gray  near, a close bond develops between Coriolanus and lucy gray .They come to understand that the games are not merely a brutal fight to the daeth but also a potent tool for propaganda . Coriolonus siezes the oppotunity to manipulate the games to his advantages . aiding lucy gray in her quest for victory.

Within the hunger games arena Lucy Gray utilizes her singing prowess to captivate the audience and forg alliences . She showcases not only her musical talent nut also her prowess as a fighter and survivor . coriolanus plays a pivotal role in her success. leveraging her capitol knowledge and game insight to guide her through the challenges of the arena.

Ultimately Lucy gray and coriolanus returning to the capitol victorious , victorious by hounted by profound impact on the hunger games . His journey hoghlights the themes of power corruption and survival shedding light on the origins of president coriolanus snow and price paid for control. The narrative delves into the darkness of the human psyche, exploring the danger inherent in weilding power in the fragillity of compenssesion in a world driven by ruthless ambition.

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