"The Moon"  unfolds a captivating narrative centered around south korea inaugral crewed lunar exploration mission and the horrowing isolation experienced in the vastness of space. The film can be divided into key segments that highlight the gripping storyline.

Genre - Sci-fi/Drama

Director - Yong Hwa Kim

Box office - 52 lakhs USD

Budget - 2800 crore KRW

Language - Korean

Runtime - 2h 9mint




Do kyungsoo

Hong Seong Hu

Sol kyung gu

Kim Hae ee

Kim Rae won

Lee yi kyung


The Diasater of the first mission

In 2030 south korea manned lunar exploration mission ends tragically with a catastropy explosion on the spacecraft , resulting in the loss of entire crew. This diasater leads to south korea expulsion from Nasa compelling the nation to independently pursur his space exploration endevours.
A second attemp and diaster strikes again

Seven years later a second crewed mission to the moon is lunched succefullly however a potent solar storm disrupts the mission , cousing the spacecraft to mulfunction .Astronout soon woo is left standed in space with limited oxygen , facing imminent death.

Desperate rescue efforts

Back on earth the narrow space center races against to time to save soon woo . they seek the expertise of of kim jae huk the fromer head of space centre ostracized after the first mission failure's Despite his past kim dedictaes all available resources to devise a rescue plan.

Interwinning struggles

The film delves into the emotinal journey of Sun woo as he graplles with isolation and hopeleseness in the vast emptiness of space, simultenous , it portrays the intense pressure and responsibilities faced kim and the earth -based team working tirelessely to bring sun woo back home safetly.

The Climax resolution 

As time runs out for Sun woo , Kim makes a daring decision that could potentailly jeopardize his own life , The film climax is a nail bitting sequence that leaves the audience on the edge of their seats . The resolution offers a powerful massage of human resillence and the importance of teamwork in the face of insurmountable odds.

Additinal information 

The film recives a mix from review from critics with some presing its visual effects and performances , while others found it laking in originality Despite mixed critical reception , the film accived commercial success in south korea.

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