"The Shepherd"   unfolds the captivating tale of freddie A young royal air pilot portyed by Ben Radcliffe while fying over the north sea , Freddi plane encounters technical issues , leaving him stranded and running low on fuel. As Despair sets in a mysterious ligt appears guiding him to an abodoned airfields where he safely lands . There he encounters the kind and wise joy played by John Traavolto

Genre - Action/Thriller

Director - Lain Softley

Producer - Alfonso

Runtime - 39mintues Short




John Travlota

Ben Radcliffe

Millie kent

Steven Makintosh

Asan N jie

Scarlet Grace


Joe shares the airfield  history , revealing it as wartime base where pilots known as "shepherd " guided lost and injured plane to safety. Touched by the story , Freddie filds a profound connection to the past Howeve the next mornings brings him and eerie discovery - joe is gone and the airfields stands deserted , having been shut down years ago. Freddie later leanrs that joe had paased away.

The twist is the narrative comes as freddie reflects on his experiences it becomes evident that the mysterious light and joy apperences mere not coincedence jow is implied to be the ghost of one of the Shepherd , continuing to watch over and protect lost pilots.

Exploring themes of war loss and the enduring power of human connection "The shepherd" weaveas a heartwarming and suspenceful story that leaves veivers feeling hopeful and inspired.

With the routine of "The Shepherd" is a british short film thats has not only resonated with audiences but also earned recognisation , including a nomination of the british academy film award for best short film . Under the pen of writer John hodge the film beautifully captures the essence of its drama and fantasy genre making it a must watch for those seeking a poiganant and uplifting cinematic experiences.

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