"12 Fail "Threads of Remembrance" is a moving film that follows Shailaja, a middle-aged woman suffering from the early stages of dementia, on an emotional pilgrimage to her childhood home in Vengurla, Konkan, accompanied by her supporting husband Dipankar. This touching story reveals the delicate dance between memory and forgetting as Shailaja reunites with Pradeep, her first love who now has a family of his own.

Genre - Drama/Thriller

Release - 24 November 2022

Director - Avinash Arun

Runtime - 1h 28mint



Saifali shah

Jaydeep Ahlawat

Swanand kirkire

Kadambari Kadam

Payal Jadhav

Radha Dharane


The Spiritual Journey:

Shailaja tackles the fragility of her past and present while navigating familiar places and revisiting cherished memories. The video quietly crafts a story about life's fabric, emphasising the bittersweetness of time passing. Shailaja and Pradeep's reconnection serves as a bittersweet reminder of youthful optimism and shared aspirations, while also revealing a new dimension to their relationship.
Shailaja seeks forgiveness and closure as the characters face difficult choices and previous mistakes. Dipankar and Pradeep's wife Sarika's continuous support and understanding transcend the romantic entanglementstry of human connection. Shailaja finds peace not only in her history but also in facing an uncertain future via self-reflection and forgiveness.

Woven Emotional Threads:

"Threads of Remembrance" illustrates the subtle nuances of human connections, the powerful tug of nostalgia, and the inevitability of change with superb realism. It deftly examines themes of memory loss, mortality, and the potential of second chances, and it strikes a chord with audiences of all ages. The beauty of the picture rests in its calm moments, subtle acting, and the evocative Konkan landscapes that function as characters in their own right.

"Threads of Remembrance" is directed by Avinash Arun Dhaware and stars Shefali Shah, Jaideep Ahlawat, and Swanand Kirkire. The film has gained great critical acclaim and multiple awards, including the National Film Award for Best Konkani Feature Film. It is a monument to the power of narrative, asking audiences to consider the strands that bind us to our past and weave the fabric of our futures. Remember that this is only a high-level overview, and the actual richness of the story is revealed best on the big screen.

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