"Tiger Nageshwar Rao"  is a compelling 2023 action drama that unfolds under the skills director of vamasi krishna Reddy. The movie features ravi teja in the titutor role , supported by a telented cast including Gayatri Bhardwaj .

Genre - Action/Drama

Release date - 20 October 2023

Director - Vamasi Krishna Naidu

Budget - 50 crore INR

Box office - 60 crore INR

Runtime - 3h 2mint




Ravi Teja

Nupur Sanon

Renu Desai

John Abraham


Jisseu Sengupta


Set against the backdrop of 1970s in prakasan district the narrative kicks of with a young tiger Nageswar Rao witnessing the brutal murder of his father by a local thug . Fueled by deep desire for revenge , Tiger involves into a formidable and feared sumgglers , employing ruthless tactics to protect his family and illicit bussiness.

Tiger life takes a transformative yurn when he encounters Padma a compassionate woman drawn to his strenght and cherisma . Despite padma attemps to reform him. Tiger remains steadfast to his criminal pursuit.
Complicating matters , Tiger finds himself a fiece rivalry with surya another determined smugglers seeking control over Tiger's terriretry . The ensuing clases between the two underworld figure escalate into a violent and high stakes conflict , leaving only room for one to emerge victorios .

As the tension between tiger and surya reaches its zenith , Tiger is confronted with a poignant choice , between his love for Padma and his entrenched life for crime .
The entry Padma into Tiger's life introduces a layer of complexity ,as she attemp to reformed the hardened criminal . The Dynaimc between tiger and surya adds further intrigue , leading to a series of intense and violent clases that serve as a crux of the narrative.
In the climax , Tiger emerges victorious , hailed as a hero in the eyes of those who witnessed the brutal struggle for supermacy in the criminal underworld.

"Tiger Nageswar Rao " is a must watch for enthusiasts of telugu-cinema offering a well crafted and entertaining cinematic experiences . The film paced fast narrative coupled with stunning action sequences and steller performance , ensures that audience remain engaged from the opening scene to the closing credits.