Babylon" is a Hollywood epic directed by Damien Chazelle that will be released in December 2022, not 2023, as previously reported. The film is set in 1920s Los Angeles, depicting the transition from silent pictures to talkies. The drama, which stars Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, and Diego Calva, takes place during Hollywood's golden period.

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Key characters:
    Manny Torres: A Mexican immigrant pursuing Hollywood goals while managing the film industry's difficulties.
    Nellie LaRoy: An ambitious actress with a fiery personality who rose to success despite personal hardships.
    Jack Conrad: A fading silent cinema star striving to adjust to the new talkie era.
    Elinor St. John is a jaded Hollywood gossip columnist who documents the elite's scandals.
The Count: A drug dealer with dreams of becoming an actor who navigates the perilous convergence of drugs and crime.
Plot Overview:
The story follows the rise and fall of personalities through Hollywood's turbulent transition to sound. Manny's career begins as a gofer, and he gradually rises through the ranks thanks to his resourcefulness and ambition. Nellie's quick rise to prominence, propelled by gaining the attention of a studio executive, is contrasted with her personal troubles. Jack's failure to adapt to new technology has a negative impact on his profession. Meanwhile, Elinor covers the scandals of Hollywood's elite, while The Count navigates the dangerous world of drugs and crime.
Major Plot Points:
    The film begins with a raucous, decadent party at a studio executive's estate, establishing the tone for the excesses of
Nellie's career takes an unexpected turn when she replaces an ailing actress in a film, catapulting her to popularity.
    Jack's attempt to save his career sends him down a dark path, highlighting the difficulties experienced by silent cinema stars in transitioning to talkies.
    Manny struggles to preserve his standing in Hollywood's ever-changing scene.
    The story reaches a catastrophic climax that changes the lives of all the persons involved.
Critical Reception:
Critics gave "Babylon" mixed reviews. While some complimented its ambition and vigour, others decried its overabundance and perceived lack of focus. However, the picture was widely praised for its visual splendour and technical prowess, making it a visually magnificent addition to Hollywood's filmography.