"Banaras," the 2022 Kannada film, also known as "Benaras" in several languages, tells a heartfelt love story set against the spiritual backdrop of Varanasi. Here's a full description of the plot and reception of this cinematic masterpiece:
Siddarth, a wealthy and carefree playboy, meets Dhani, an ambitious student aspiring to be a singer, in Bengaluru. What starts off as a playful visit takes an unexpected turn when Siddarth, motivated by a wager with his pals, spins an elaborate yarn about being a time traveller and astronaut to impress Dhani.

As their relationship develops, Siddarth's misleading tale causes Dhani great grief and public humiliation. Heartbroken and seeking a fresh start, Dhani goes for Banaras, a city.
In search of redemption and reconciliation, Siddarth accompanies Dhani to Banaras, beginning on a transforming journey of self-discovery.

The story delves into themes of love, forgiveness, and redemption, emphasising the importance of truth and the unavoidable repercussions of one's choices. Against the vibrant and spiritual background of Banaras, Siddarth must confront his own weaknesses and work to repair the trust he shattered.

Critics gave "Banaras" a mixed reaction. While some praised its innovative blend of time travel and romance, others questioned the plot's predictability and character development. Despite this, the film received plaudits for its visually spectacular cinematography and charming music, which effectively captured the soul of Banaras.
In short, "Banaras" is a film journey of love and self-discovery set in a city famed for metamorphosis and acceptance. Its divided review reflects the range of opinions on its narrative choices, while the film's artistic features add to its overall appeal. If you have any further questions or need more information, please let me know!