"Babi," a driven and ambitious young woman, has her seemingly perfect existence ruined on the eve of her wedding when she discovers evidence of Artur's infidelity. Feeling misled and heartbroken, Babi chooses to break loose from her ordered life and embark on a voyage of self-discovery.

Act 2:
Babi's desire for liberty drives her to buy a motorbike and join a renegade biker club, where she conflicts with Diego, the charismatic but violent leader. Amid the riotous lifestyle, Babi meets Marco, a sophisticated and enigmatic judge. Despite their opposing personalities, Babi and Marco are drawn to each other, sparking a passionate affair fraught with unsaid wants and secrets.
Act 3:
As Babi immerses herself in the biker culture, she struggles with the complexity.
The blurring lines between truth and imagination become more apparent as she navigates her relationships with Marco and Diego. When Artur tries to win her back, the past comes back to haunt her, adding to her already hectic life.

Faced with difficult choices, Babi must confront her actual wants and choose between the safe route she formerly knew with Artur and the thrilling but unknown trip she has embarked on with Marco and the biker club.

The film's conclusion leaves Babi's eventual fate left to interpretation, encouraging viewers to consider her decision. Will she forgive Artur and return to her old life, or will she embrace her newly acquired freedom and passion? The conclusion is a thought-provoking reflection on the difficulties of love, self-discovery, and the