"Echo," a riveting Tamil-language psychological thriller directed by Nawin Ghanesh and starring Srikanth and Vidya Pradeep, grabbed audiences when it premiered on July 21, 2023. The film, situated in the bustling city of Chennai, was praised by critics for its intriguing premise and compelling storytelling.

The story revolves around Prakash (Srikanth) and Nila (Vidya Pradeep), an apparently content couple living in Chennai. However, their family tranquilly is shattered by an unsettling phenomena that haunts Prakash: recurring echoes of a woman's voice while he is alone at home. As the strange echoes get more intense, they have a negative impact on Prakash's mental health and disrupt his relationship with Nila

Driven to solve the mystery, Prakash seeks the help of a dark magician. The revelation is
Prakash uncovers a stunning reality while investigating the family's hidden history. His grandfather's deeds caused the terrible death of a young woman, and her vengeful ghost is now seeking payback.
Faced with an agonising decision, Prakash must choose whether to let the spirit find peace and closure or to keep the family secret, allowing the ghost to haunt him.

The film's climax is a dramatic and emotionally charged encounter between Prakash and the malevolent spirit. The resolution is both heartbreaking and inspiring, as Prakash confronts his past and learns to forgive himself and his family.

Shot in the gorgeous locations of Chennai and its surroundings, the film offers a compelling musical accompaniment composed by Gopi Sundar, adding depth to its atmosphere.

The film "Echo" was well-received by reviewers and grossed over ₹20 crore at the box office. For anyone interested in this psychological thriller, "Echo" is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, offering a gripping cinematic experience that combines suspense, emotion, and self-discovery.