"Hypnotic" unfolds the gripping tale of Detective Danny Rourke, portrayed by Ben Affleck, as he digs into a high-profile bank robbery. The investigation leads him to a mysterious hypnotherapist, Lev Dellrayne, played by Pedro Pascal, whose mind control abilities intertwine with the heist. Rourke becomes entangled in a perilous web of deceit and discovers a covert government program, "Division," training hypnotists for clandestine operations.

As Rourke delves deeper, he stumbles upon suppressed memories revealing his own Hypnotic abilities. Simultaneously, he learns that Division has kidnapped his daughter, Minnie. The movie ventures into themes of mind control, memory manipulation, and the potent influence of suggestion.
Detective Rourke investigates a bank burglary involving hypnotic persuasion.
    He discovers a link to Lev Dellrayne, a mystery hypnotherapist.

    Rourke seeks advice from Diana Cruz, a fortune teller and former Hypnotic, who warns him about Division.
    Rourke finds Division's complicity in the kidnapping of his daughter Minnie.

Act 2:
    Rourke and Cruz band up to find Minnie and infiltrate Division.
    Rourke himself is revealed to be a hypnotic with suppressed memories.
    Cruz reveals her true identity as Vivian, Rourke's wife, who has been transformed by Division.
    Minnie is shown to be the powerful "Domino," capable of exerting control over others.

Act 3:
    Rourke confronts Vivian, attempting to uncover the truth about his history.
    Rourke and Vivian work together to save Minnie from Division.
    A climactic showdown between Division's leader,
The film expertly crafts a fast-paced thriller with multiple twists and turns that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. "Hypnotic" delves into the limits of mind control, memory manipulation, and the human spirit's resilience in the face of secret operations and buried pasts.