(Maama Mascheendra), a 2023 Telugu action drama, stars Sudheer Babu in three roles, with Eesha Rebba, Mirnalini Ravi, and Harshvardhan providing captivating performances. The film is about the complicated ramifications of past suffering and hidden identities.

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 7 APril 2023

Director - Ramesh Kadhuri

Producer - Hemalatha Padammalu

Runtime - 2h 7mint



Mirnalini Ravi

Sudheer babu

Harsha Vardham

Hari Teja

Ali Reza

Eesha Rebba


Overview of the plot:

During his boyhood, Parasuram (Sudheer Babu) witnesses a horrible tragedy that leaves him emotionally wounded and fosters strong mistrust. The aftermath moulds him into a cunning and vicious guy obsessed with control and removing possible threats, driving him to prison for a violent deed rooted in his dark history.

After his release, Parasuram is determined to retrieve his mother's land, which is now in the control of his maternal uncle, Ramesh Prasad (Ajay). To fulfil his purpose, Parasuram skillfully infiltrates the family, even marrying into them.

When Ramesh's twin boys, Durga and DJ (both played by Sudheer Babu), share a striking likeness to Parasuram, his meticulously set plans are disrupted. This unexpected turn compels Parasuram to face his own inner problems.

As the story progresses, the film digs into a maze of relationships, hidden intentions, and the tremendous impact of past misdeeds. Parasuram is on a precarious path, alternating between his genuine aims and the fa├žade he has built. Throughout the journey, he is plagued by guilt, paranoia, and the fear of being exposed.

Plot Highlights:
    The impact of Parasuram's childhood tragedy on his character.
    His cunning attempt to regain his mother's property.
    Ramesh's twin boys arrive, causing confusion and complexity.
    Identity, deception, and the ramifications of lying are all investigated.

Critics gave "Uncle Shadow" mixed reviews. The film's novel premise and Sudheer Babu's impressive performance got accolades, however some critics raised qualms about the complicated plot and several predictable sections. While the film was praised for its tense moments and examination of complex issues, reactions to its execution were mixed.

How to Stream "Uncle Shadow":

The film, which has a length of around 2 hours and 34 minutes, is available for viewing on Aha Video.
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