Title: "Mafia: Game of Survival" (2016).
Director: Sarik Andreasyan.
Genre: Sci-Fi thriller
Country: Russia.
Language: Russian, with English subtitles.
Set in the apocalyptic landscape of 2071 Moscow, "Mafia: Game of Survival" is a riveting Russian sci-fi thriller directed by Sarik Andreasyan. The film takes place within the limits of a lethal reality show that puts a macabre spin on the traditional Mafia party game.

In this high-stakes variation, twelve participants from various backgrounds are offered a large financial payout if they survive the game. However, two of them are actual members of a Mafia organisation whose objective is to assassinate innocent civilians before they reveal their true identities. The tension grows as the civilians must unravel the mystery by identifying and voting out
The unfolding action takes place in a beautiful mansion outfitted with concealed cameras and microphones, allowing viewers to closely monitor the competitors' every move. As the day fades into darkness, paranoia, mistrust, and alliances define the game. In order to survive, contestants must confront their greatest fears and secrets.

The film digs into serious subjects such as trust, betrayal, and the darker aspects of human nature, challenging the ethical boundaries of reality television and investigating the extent people will go for fame and money.

Key characters:
    Max (Aleksey Vorobyov) is a former boxer looking for a fresh start and hopes to rebuild his life with the prize money.
    Alice (Olga Dybenko) is a smart socialite who can play all sides.
    Dmitry (Sergei Goroshko): A
Mafia: Game of Survival" captivates audiences with its thrilling narrative, keeping them on the edge of their seats until the very end. While the film's brutal violence and violent sequences may not appeal to everyone, it does provide a thought-provoking analysis of human behaviour in severe conditions.

Additional notes:

    The film was commercially successful in Russia, making more than $10 million at the box office.
    Nominated for multiple prizes, including Best Film at the Golden Unicorn prizes.
    A sequel, "Mafia: Game of Survival 2," was launched in 2020, continuing the enthralling story