Metre" is a Telugu film released in 2023 that deviates from the standard Bollywood template. The plot revolves around Arjun Kalyan, a hesitant young man who is forced to join the police force in order to accomplish his late father's ambitions. Arjun, who is initially indifferent and defiant, unwittingly discovers a shocking revelation: his nomination is the product of a clerical error, and another else rightfully holds the position.

Genre - Action/Comedy

Release - 7 April 2023

Director - Ramesh kadhuri

Runtime - 2h 7mint




Kiran Abbavaram

Athulya Ravi


Posani krishna murali

Prudhvi raj


The plot progresses through important events and developments such as:
    Arjun's initial attempts to secure dismissal fail, and he earns a reputation for good enforcement.
    A daring rescue mission pits Arjun squarely against the powerful Home Minister, Kantam Baireddy.
    Arjun exposes a corruption network involving Baireddy, resulting in his suspension and threats.
Undaunted, Arjun gathers backing from fellow police, exposing Baireddy's misdeeds and igniting a media frenzy.

    Faced with public anger, Baireddy stages an encounter to eliminate Arjun.
    Arjun uses his street smarts and resourcefulness to defeat Baireddy's thugs and emerge triumphant.
    Arjun, who has been recognised for his bravery, appreciates his duty as a true police officer.
Among the main characters are:

    Arjun Kalyan: The protagonist, who is initially hesitant, grows into a decent and courageous guy.
    Kantam Baireddy: Arjun's main enemy and the unscrupulous Home Minister.
    Arjun's departed father, Raghunath Kalyan, whose dream pulls him forward.
    Arjun's love interest and a journalist who supports his quest for justice, Shruti.
    Varma, DGP: This high-ranking officer, who was initially loyal to Baireddy, changes his allegiance due to Arjun's persuasive evidence.

Themes discussed in "Metre" include overcoming personal obstacles, opposing corruption and injustice, the value of truth, and standing up for righteousness. As an average guy rises to confront exceptional circumstances, redemption and transformation are central to the plot.
Additional information:

    The film got mixed reviews, with praise for the acting and action sequences but criticism for the inclusion of several clich├ęd aspects.

    More information about the film, including its cast and crew, may be found on famous web databases like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

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