Misremembered Movie: If you can't remember the title or details of a movie, supplying additional information such as the plot, actors, or key sequences may help in recognising the film. Any distinguishing features you recall can help limit down the options and boost your chances of discovering the right movie.

Hypothetical Story Options:

Option A: Genre: Romantic comedy.
Plot: A prominent Hollywood screenwriter, dealing with the aftermath of a difficult breakup, decides to implement a "No New Friends" policy to protect themselves from future heartbreak. However, their determination is tested when they meet a charming newcomer who questions their notion of friendship. This film delves into topics of loneliness, vulnerability, and the unexpected benefits of reconnecting with others.
Option B: Genre: Thriller/Mystery.
Plot: In the glamorous world of Hollywood, a close-knit group of pals organises a weekend getaway to a remote cabin. As they arrive, they learn that they have been suddenly cut off from the outside world. Tensions rise, and paranoia builds in as each friend becomes a suspect in a web of dark secrets. As the group discovers the truth behind their solitary weekend, the suspenseful whodunit takes unexpected turns.