"November Criminals" is a riveting dark and gritty coming-of-age drama centred on Addison Schacht, a cynical and unhappy high school senior in Washington, D.C. When Addison's friend and fellow misfit, Kevin, is shot and killed while working at a neighbourhood coffee shop, the story takes a dramatic turn. Driven by grief and rage, Addison goes on a personal journey to solve the murder of Kevin.

The Catalyst: The story begins with Kevin's terrible death, propelling Addison on a perilous mission to discover the truth about the incident. His quest to find out who killed Kevin and why becomes the narrative's driving force.
Exploring the Dark Side: Addison's inquiry takes him into the city's gloomy underbelly, where he meets drug dealers, gang members, and corrupt politicians. The conspiracy's layers begin to show themselves, indicating that Kevin's death is deeply linked to a network of secrets and corruption that goes much beyond a random act of violence.
Throughout his search, Addison establishes relationships with a wide cast of individuals, including Phoebe, his perceptive and funny girlfriend, and Diggity, a street-smart heroin dealer with an unusual moral compass. They cross the perilous terrain of the city's secrets together.
Danger: As Addison gets closer to the truth, he becomes a target himself, endangering not just his own life but also the lives of those he cares about.
In the climatic conclusion, Addison unravels the startling reality behind Kevin's killing and the powerful powers driving the scheme. Faced with the decision to uncover the truth, even at the expense of everything he holds dear, Addison grapples with the implications of his quest of justice.

"November Criminals" is a gripping thriller that delves into fundamental themes of loss, wrath, and the never-ending search of justice. While it will not be released in 2023, its story remains topical and intriguing, keeping spectators on the edge of their seats until the end.