(2017) - Dark Fantasy Film: "Nowhere""Nowhere" (2017) is a compelling dark fantasy film with surreal aspects that follows a group of teens who become entangled in a mysterious village full of strange happenings. Despite its 2017 release date, this could be the film that comes to mind when you think of fanciful and surreal themes. Any further information, such as genre, character names, or where you discovered the film, would be helpful in narrowing down the search.

Dystopian Survival Thriller Film in Spanish:

This riveting Spanish film unfolds as a futuristic survival thriller centred on Mia, a pregnant woman attempting to flee a totalitarian state. Her perilous adventure includes hiding in a shipping container aboard a cargo ship in the hopes of finding refuge. However, a storm strands her at sea, and the film follows Mia's struggle for survival and her search for a safe harbour for herself and her pregnant child.