"Pyaar Prema Kaadhal," directed by Elan and produced by Yuvan Shankar Raja, S. N. Rajarajan, and Irfaan Malik, is a lovely 2023 Tamil romantic comedy film. The film stars the charming duo of Harish Kalyan and Raiza Wilson, who are supported by Anand Babu, Rekha, and Ramdoss. Yuvan Shankar Raja's musical composition for the film is brilliantly created.

Genre - Comedy/Romance

Release - 10 August 2018

Director - Elan

Runtime - 2h 24mint




Raiza Wilson

Harish Kalyan 

Anand Babu

Raja Rani Pandian


Subbu Panchu


The film deftly addresses the eternal themes of love, family, and tradition, depicting the trials and tribulations of a couple resolved to defy conventional standards for the sake of their love. Sri and Sindhu's journey becomes a moving story of perseverance and dedication in the face of hardship.
"Pyaar Prema Kaadhal" was a critical and economic triumph. Both audiences and critics praised the film's wit, music, and superb performances. Numerous awards were bestowed upon the film, including the renowned Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Film.

In a nutshell, the plot unfolds as Sri and Sindhu, who are thrown together by their workplace, discover a deep connection that brings them closer together. However, Sri's mother's traditional traditions present hurdles, pushing the couple to choose a live-in relationship.

Sri and Sindhu face the obstacles of adjusting to each other's eccentricities after moving into a small flat. Sindhu's casual demeanour clashes with Sri's careful mentality, which provides humour and depth to their relationship. The couple's drive to make their love triumph triumphs as they manage the obstacles.

Despite the difficulties, Sri and Sindhu decide to formalise their commitment with a traditional wedding ceremony. The film ends with the couple happily married and embracing the joys and responsibilities of parenthood, demonstrating their enduring love.

"Pyaar Prema Kaadhal" is, in essence, a cinematic triumph, expertly integrating humour, romance, and social critique to generate a fascinating narrative that resonates with spectators, eventually honouring the power of love.

The touching story revolves around Sri, a young man who is madly in love with Sindhu, a fiery and independent woman. Sri's mother, on the other hand, is opposed to Sindhu's heritage. Sri and Sindhu, undeterred by cultural restrictions, decide to embark on the journey of marriage through a live-in relationship. Their love, however, is fraught with difficulties as they navigate the complexities of cohabitation.

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