The rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the cosy atmosphere as EMMA (30s, sharp, funny) and JAKE (30s, charming, mischievous in his eyes) sit opposite from one another. Both dressed sharply, they are sipping lattes and conversing.

JAKE: (Leaning in) Tell me more about the Roleplay Club, Emma.
EMMA: (raises an eyebrow) Dr. Evans, are you interested in some "sword and sorcery"? I would not have guessed.
JAKE: (Chuckles) Ms. Davies, adventure can come in many forms. Anything to get free of the hospital walls for the night.
EMMA: Fair enough. Roleplay is more than just clothes and dice. It's about immersing yourself in another world and becoming someone completely different. An opportunity to pursue your wildest thoughts or darkest desires.
The enormous ballroom becomes alive with laughing and murmurs. Guests dressed in elaborate costumes, their identities hidden behind masks, socialise and dance. Emma, dressed stunningly in a crimson gown and domino mask, searches the audience.
She notices Jake, dressed in a black cape and wielding a phoney dagger with practiced skill. His eyes, full of eagerness, meet hers across the room.
EMMA: (approaching him) I see you fulfilled your pledge, assassin. Impressive daggerwork.
JAKE: (playfully bows) It's just a warm-up, my lady. Shall we start the game?
EMMA: Sir Lancelot, lead the way. Our goal is waiting for us.
Scene Three:
The night is a swirl of mystery and excitement. Emma and Jake manage the ball, exchanging coded signals and subtle gestures while they pretend.

Their ruse takes them to a secret chamber, where the "duchess" reveals herself to be a famed robber plotting a theft. She proposes a cooperation and promises a large payoff.

JAKE: Is this getting a touch too real?
EMMA: (Eyes sparkle with delight) What is the point of having fun if there is no risk? Besides, have you ever seen an assassin decline a challenge?
Scene Five:
A daring robbery begins, with Emma and Jake utilising their wits and newly acquired skills to outwit guards, crack codes, and escape with the priceless artefact.
Scene Six:
At morning, they find themselves on a rooftop, the stolen riches between them. They take off their masks, gaze fixed in a shared understanding.
EMMA: Not bad for a doctor!
Scene Seven:

As the city rises, Emma and Jake blend into the crowd, bearing their secret and the spark of a budding connection. The border between reality and roleplay has blurred, and they're eager to see where the game will lead them next.

The end.