Tamilarasan is pitted against his corrupt superior, DCP Rana Pratap Singh, who is played by Sonu Sood. As Tamilarasan refuses to sacrifice his values, Rana uses his influence to oppress the protagonist, the developing struggle creates a fundamental narrative arc.

Genre - Action/Thriller

Release - 21 April 2023

Director - Babu Yogeshwaran

Runtime - 2h 18mint




Vijay Antony

Sonu Sood


Chaya singh

KAsturi Sankar


Key story points emerge throughout the film as Tamilarasan's effort to save his son evolves into a larger battle against systemic corruption and injustice inside the medical establishment. Tamilarasan delves into a world where morality, familial sacrifice, and the dogged quest of justice mix with Dr. Muruganantham, played by Suresh Gopi, a talented surgeon involved in hospital politics.

"Tamilarasan" has received mixed reviews, with some praising its emotional depth, notably Vijay Antony's acting, and others criticising its inconsistent tone and over-the-top action sequences.
"Tamilarasan," a 2023 Tamil action thriller, takes fans on a fascinating journey centred on the protagonist, Tamilarasan, a caring and honourable police officer fiercely committed to his family. When Tamilarasan's world is devastated by the serious sickness of his little son, Prabhakar, who urgently requires a heart transplant, the story takes a dramatic turn. As Tamilarasan faces a corrupt and exploitative hospital system, the film elegantly depicts the subsequent agony.

The issue of medical inequality is central to the battle, as the hospital's preference for wealthy people jeopardises Prabhakar's life. Faced with extravagant demands and a system that ignores his son, Tamilarasan is forced to take extraordinary action by seizing control of the hospital. This decision lays the groundwork for 

In conclusion, "Tamilarasan" is a captivating and emotionally charged cinematic experience that addresses critical social concerns while telling a story of resilience and tenacity in the face of insurmountable odds. The film's study of medical injustice, combined with its action-packed narrative and unexpected twists, guarantees that moviegoers have a riveting viewing experience.

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