"Tejas," Kangana Ranaut plays Tejas Gill, a skilled and determined pilot who soars through the skies in her Tejas light combat aircraft, reflecting the indomitable spirit of the Indian Air Force. Tejas bears the wounds of a tragic past, casting shadows over her despite her evident dedication and remarkable talent.

Genre - Action/Thriller

Release - 27 October 2023

Director - 70 crore INR

Producer - Ronnie Screwvala

Runtime - 1h 52mint





Kangana Ranaut

Anshul Chauhan

Varun Mitra

Rohed Khan

R Bhakti Klein


Tejas becomes the major part of the story when he is tasked with rescuing an Indian spy who has been captured deep within enemy territory. This dangerous mission necessitates not only great piloting abilities, but also the fortitude to confront Tejas' inner problems.

Tejas faces a slew of challenges as she navigates the perilous skies, including enemy forces, terrible weather, and the ghosts of her past, all of which threaten to sabotage the mission. 

Tejas, on the other hand, refuses to back down, propelled by an unyielding sense of patriotism and resilience.
Tejas takes consolation in the friendship of her fellow pilots amongst the high-octane action. The friendship they share lifts her spirits, and a growing romance adds a poignant touch to the story.
The conclusion of "Tejas" develops as a heart-stopping moment in which Tejas must make a critical decision, potentially sacrificing her own life for the accomplishment of the mission. This important event puts her strength to the test and highlights her unshakeable dedication to duty.

"Tejas" goes beyond the action genre by exploring issues such as patriotism, sacrifice, and overcoming personal demons. The video honours the bravery and ability of female fighter pilots while sending a compelling message to audiences.

While "Tejas" sparked significant debate due to its nationalistic undertones and questionable portrayal of certain political issues, film was praised for its high-octane action sequences and Kangana Ranaut's outstanding performance.

In conclusion, "Tejas" is a thrilling and uplifting cinematic experience that takes spectators on the journey of a brave and determined fighter pilot. While the plot may not be novel, the film's acclaim is.

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