"The Beekeeper's Redemption"
Plot: Adam Clay (Jason Statham) is a reclusive beekeeper who leads a seemingly ordinary existence while concealing a dark background as a brutal assassin known as "The Beekeeper" for the covert organisation known as the Hive. After leaving the Hive, Adam is determined to live a quiet life with his bees.

Adam's peace of mind is destroyed when Eloise Parker (played by Minnie Driver), a sympathetic educator and Adam's friend, falls prey to a sophisticated online hoax. The scammers not only steal Eloise's life savings, but they also swindle a large sum of money from the charity she heads. Eloise commits suicide because she is distraught.
Adam, consumed by grief and hatred, realises that the scammers are connected to the Hive. 
In a quest for justice and vengeance against Eloise, he resurrects his former "Beekeeper" character. Adam unleashes his lethal skills on those behind the scheme and anybody else who stands in his path.
    Revenge and Redemption: The film explores themes of revenge and the consequences of violence as Adam pursues vengeance for Eloise's death while dealing with his own dark past.
    Justice and Corruption: "The Beekeeper" delves into the quest of justice as Adam confronts a strong and corrupt organisation, revealing the fight against systematic evil.
    Despite his violent past, Adam strives for forgiveness by his acts, protecting the innocent and standing up for what is right.
Action and suspense:
"The Beekeeper's Redemption" provides adrenaline-fueled action moments.