In the tech-savvy world of cybersecurity, Ajay Srivastav stands out as a light of hope with his innovative programme, "RESQ," which is meant to protect women in danger. Motivated by a dark history involving his sister, Ajay's purpose extends beyond technology to seek justice for the disadvantaged.

A Fateful Turn: After getting a new SIM card, Ajay receives a series of unusual calls from a masked number, which turns his life upside down. The hundreds of calls lead him into a dark rabbit hole of crime and intrigue, eventually tangling with a murder case that puts into question his skills and convictions.

The Enigmatic Caller: At the heart of the story is the conundrum of a lady named Sahasra, the mysterious caller who holds the key to unlocking the complicated web of mysteries surrounding RESQ. As Ajay investigates deeper, he meets two crucial ladies, Swathi and Sara, each of whom have distinct ties that add to the emerging story.

Unravelling Threads: The novel skillfully ties together Ajay's personal and professional lives, gradually exposing the underlying reasons for Sahasra's constant calls. Balancing emotional turbulence at home with the difficulty of finding hidden facts, Ajay faces issues that test his resilience.

Genre: A compelling combination of thriller, mystery, and crime, "Resonance of Shadows" promises a rollercoaster of tension as Ajay Srivastav faces not just the shadows of the digital domain, but also the shadows of his own history.