: "Orbit of Uncertainty" (2020).
In the film "Orbit of Uncertainty," the scenario is set onboard the International Space Station (ISS), a microcosm of togetherness poised against the huge background of a globe slipping into chaos. Set in the near future, the film follows the lives of an international crew, creating a story of companionship, strife, and the unwavering human spirit.


Kira Foster is a first-time American astronaut navigating the obstacles of space travel.
Christian Campbell is a seasoned American astronaut and Kira's confidant.
Gordon Barrett: The American commander, dealing with both personal issues and leadership responsibilities.
Weronika Vetrov: A Russian cosmonaut in a growing romance with Gordon.
Nicolai and Alexey Pulov: Russian twins with a secretive scheme that
Communication Breakdown: As Earth's tensions increase, the crew's scientific pursuits are unexpectedly eclipsed, preventing them from communicating with mission control. Uncertainty becomes your regular friend.

Moral Quandaries: Stranded in the quiet galaxy, the crew encounters ethical quandaries that reflect the conflict on their home world. As tensions rise within the ISS's cramped quarters, collaborative efforts are put to the test.

The Russian Enigma: Alexey's hidden study, which promises a possible treatment for radiation illness, becomes a main focus. Its significance rises as both sides compete for control, adding tension and urgency.

Isolation hazards include power shortages, equipment breakdowns, and the psychological toll of isolation, which add to the crew's difficulties. The delicate balance aboard the ISS is on the verge of collapse.

Strained alliances: The global struggle on Earth reverberates.
Strained Alliances: The global battle on Earth has repercussions within the ISS, affecting ties between American and Russian crew members. The astronauts face not only exterior threats, but also internal divides.

The Weight of Choices: Faced with life-or-death decisions, the crew must balance their individual goals with the collective need for survival. The destiny of the International Space Station becomes inextricably linked to the fate of humanity.


Global Unity and Discord: The video examines the paradox of international collaboration in space in the context of a split Earth, emphasising the fragility of global alliances.

Human Tenacity: Despite overwhelming obstacles, the astronauts exemplify the indomitable human spirit, demonstrating perseverance and persistence in the harshest of situations.

Ethics of Discovery: The Storyline