"In True Justice: Family Ties," Casey, a determined law student, has her life devastated when her brother, Marcus, is wrongfully convicted of killing a college buddy. Casey refuses to accept the injustice and makes a personal promise to clear her brother's name.

In her search for justice, Casey assembles a team of outstanding law school classmates: tech-savvy Eli, resourceful Sarah, quick-witted PJ, and their seasoned private investigator buddy, Liam. They conduct a persistent inquiry, guided by Professor Diana Carter's knowledge and steadfast trust in Marcus' innocence.

As they peel back the layers, the team discovers hidden truths, confusing agendas, and powerful characters determined to conceal the truth. The quest of justice becomes more dangerous, testing them to their limits. Through countless evenings of research and bravery

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Faced with personal problems and individual hurdles, Casey and her team must work together, harnessing their unique abilities and unyielding determination, to uncover the true killer and achieve Marcus' freedom. Will they succeed despite a network of falsehoods and fierce adversaries?

The film, which combines mystery, suspense, and romance, explores the flaws of the legal system and emphasises the need of sticking up for one's values. True Justice: Family Ties highlights the strength of friendship and familial relationships in the face of hardship, including themes such as justice, family, resilience, truth, personal growth, and collaboration.